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Great podcast by Matt. He has designed a show that shares how to live up to a successful level of life that brings satisfaction!

If you want to do better and be better, tune in

Matt’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. His podcasts are insightful and inspiring. If you want to do better and be better, tune in. I look forward to his next podcast and hearing about his next adventure. I have had the great fortune of working with Matt since 2013 and he has made a difference in my world. Knowing him has enRICHed my life.

Kickass Podcast!

Matty A is simply a ROCKSTAR! I've known Matt since his beginning in Real Estate. I've gotta say to see Matt's explosive growth is absolutely amazing, stunning! This guy has shot to the top extremely fast! What's even better than that is how Matt gives back and shares all his knowledge with others. It's obvious Matt is dedicated and passionate to living a life by design and not by default, Millionaire Mindcast does just that! Matt interviews the top people in the game who share their stories, techniques, and mindset on what it takes to build a massive business, a life worth living, and to truly have a fulfilled life. I am an avid listener and I highly recommend if you're looking to have a BIG life this is a podcast you MUST listen to on a regular basis! Matty keep crushing it and having explosive growth, it's so awesome to see your success and seeing you share it with others! Millionaire Mindcast ROCKS!

Superb Experience

Matt Aitchison is definitely one of the most down to earth professionals I have had a chance to talk to. His experiences and advice is something to take notes from and implement. Looking forward to following his continued success and model after him. Learn and Study from those who have reached and surpassed a certain level of success you want to achieve.

Matts podcast

Best podcast I've ever listened to. Real- life changing and just the best. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone that is wanting to get uplifted and get some truly real messages

Love it

Amazing content.

Positive vibe positive energy

Matty A brings it every week. Love the passion to help educate and inspire others to achieve what we all want in life. Keep it up friend

Amazing Content and Delivery

Matty A!!! Man I just want to say that this podcast never misses a beat when it comes to delivering valueable content. Matt is an extremely talentaned communicator. I listen to many podcast interviews and it's rare to find a host that can keep their guests on track and ask the right questions to pull out those million dollar learnings. ALWAYS DELIVERING week after week! Great Job Matt!

Great Show

Easy to listen to. A professional and informative podcast. Matty sounds like a seasoned host. Keep up the great work.

Very well thought out. Everyone can relate in some way or another!

Matty A's Millionaire Mindcast focuses on bringing out the inner entrepreneur in all of us, inspiring listeners to get into the right mindset for the right reasons. He's all about adding value to his listeners, because he understands that what you put into the world is what you get back! This podcast is a window into the minds of some of most driven, successful people in the world. Matty A done all of the work for me, giving me access to "the club", and accelerating my journey to a fulfilling life. As someone who has always thought of myself as an entrepreneur, but has never been willing to take the risk to go make it happen, this podcast has changed the way I look at myself, and at the world. Thanks Matty A!


Thank you Matty A for the great content.

Pure Gold

If you are committed to your success this is the podcast for you. Matty continuously puts out amazing content and goes above and beyond. You can clearly see his passion for learning and becoming the best version of himself and how we wants everybody to be able to raise their game to the next level. Whenever his podcast is out it's always my first choice, awesome awesome stuff. Highly recommended

All of Them!

My husband met Matty A at a mastermind and he told me about his podcast and said that I would love it. He was right! I have a long drive into the office and I look forward to my drive because I get to listen to Matty A and the amazing information he shares with his listeners. I love his Wealth Tips on Wednesdays and really enjoy listening to the summaries of his meetings, masterminds and adventures with people at the top of their game! The interviews are always filled with golden nuggets from people in all industries! Thanks Matty for sharing all of this information with your listeners!

Great show!

Great show, fantastic niche! The host does a great job explaining things in a way that are easy to understand. Nice job!


Love, Love Love this podcast. It gets me in the right frame of mind and always offers actionable steps that you can implement into your life right away. Matty A provides great little insights, brings on fantastic guests, and comes off very genuine. Keep up the good work brotha!

Perfectly Practical

I'm big on easy to understand, actionable learning. This is it! Thank you!

Powerful and Practical

These podcasts give me something motivational to think about, a different mindset and higher goals to strive for.

Fantastic positive podcast

Matty A is full of life and positive insight. The podcast has some great guests and it's full of actionable items that you can take back and apply to your own life.

Life Changing

My new go to pod cast to get the goods! Matty A has a great interview style and his guest have been top notch! Because of this podcast, I've been able to connect with amazing new people within the tribe! Thanks for pulling me up in your barrel brother!


I always finish the podcast feeling inspired by Matt and his guests. Promoting self as well as professional growth, thought provoking, fun and always full of intelligence. I always look forward to new episodes and will continue to grow along with Matt and his great Podcast!

Golden Nuggets for Everyone

I've started listening to these during my morning workouts and regardless of the subject there is always something I take away to get me excited and inspired to start my day. No matter where you are in life or what journey you are on professionally or personally you will find something that resonates and speaks to you. Awesome job Matt....keep em coming....

True and inspiring

This guy is awesome. The knowledge he shares and from others is nothing short of what you NEED to hear. It isn't fluffy and feel good. It is truthful, thoughtful, and inspirational. It's the right words and thoughts versus what feels like the right words. He will only continue to grow, so listen up and learn.

Actionable Insight - Relevant Strategies - High Caliber Guests

I have been following Matty A since I first learned about him and what he was doing with this show. He's been such a great influence in helping me unlock my potential and really growing my ability to think bigger and take a leap of faith (strategic). I continually revisit the podcasts to glean out more and more gold and the excellent wisdom he's expertly able to share with us from his guests. He's an exceptional listener and continues to follow up on things that are brought up to make these listens highly impactful and relevant to today's market!

Tire of the same guests?

If you are tired of the same old guests on all the other podcasts this is the one for you. Even though this podcast is newer, Matty A is super polished and has a fresh new set of guests that are not on other podcasts and frankly these guests seem way more qualified to talk about wealth than some of the other 'Internet guys'. Subscribe and listen in on this guy!

The Real Deal

Not only does Matty bring great content consistently, he also provides rich context for execution and implementation around wealthbuilding ideas. With so many "wealth gurus" in the Investing Podcast space, Millionaire Mindcast brings a fresh perspective to a rising generation of entrepreneurs. With Matty at the helm to provide insight and inspiration, ANY listener is sure to glean invaluable resources on their path to a million and beyond. HIGHLY recommend you subscribe.

Matt Has Opened My Mind

Matt opened my mind to podcasts! I love his interview style and the content is rish with inspiring ideas. Matt is clearly has a passion for excellence. I look forward to seeing him on national stages and look forward to his podcast every week. Matt has learned from the best and lived it. I highly reccomend you listen and implement these ideas into your life. Thank you Matt from the bottom of my heart. Jay Marks

Wealth Coaching in your Pocket!

Matty does an excellent job helping you set your mind just like a multimillionaire thinks. He interviews the best of the best and gives you Wealth Tips on Wednesdays!

Worth the time investment!

I really appreciate the focus and direction. Great guest speakers and usable content make this a must listen. I appreciate the different viewpoints from some amazing powerhouses. Matty always brings it back to a focused direction of self improvement and provides a fun, educational experience to help anyone move toward self improvement and greater wealth!

Modeling Millionaires to help YOU to success

Just listened to episode thirty talking with Sam Wegert about his rise to success. What an incredible story. Matty A was great and the whole interview was really inspiring and motivating. Like Matty says, it's about modeling. Success leaves clues and if you want to be a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires in this awesome millionaire mindcast!

Amazing Value & Content

This podcast offers unbelievable value through both the interviews as well as the insights from Matt. This podcast is about more than just financial success, just like our lives are about more than just financial success. The focus is becoming a better person so that you can provide more service to others which will lead to an unbelievable life. I love that you can tell that Matt not only talks about these principles, but also lives them himself. I am very grateful for finding Matt and getting the opportunity to learn from him.