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Great Podcat! Hits home every time

I absolutely LOVE the content on this podcast. Its practical and easy to follow. The host makes it relatable to anyone no matter their level of success! I've shared this podcast with all my friends! On Point!

Awesome :)

Matty A asks such great questions and each week I'm blown away by all the bits of knowledge I pick up. Can't wait to see who is up next!

Real Life MBA

This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to run with the pack! Listen from influencers in all different industries that are Grabbing Life Big! Get a notepad out and take some notes! The Millionaire Mindcast is a podcast you need to subscribe to!

This is a game changing podcast!

Absolutely love the podcast. So much knowledge that will help you and teach you. So hyped I found it. Matty you rock !!! He so engaged with his listeners and that is so awesome!!!

Not just another entrepreneurship podcast

I've heard a ton of podcasts and this is my new favorite mindset, entrepreneurship,and wealth building show. Matty A has an infectious personality, asks great questions, and has some amazing advice in addition to the brilliance of his guests. For a 27 year old, he's wise beyond his years and has some great insight on business and investing. I highly recommend this show

Listening on the reg

I love matts energy and his passion for helping others. His guests share amazing insights and I find myself looking forward to each episode he released. While I love the millionaires worth modern episodes, my favorites are his short episodes on wealth tips and lifetime/business hacks

My new favorite podcast on lifestyle and wealth building

Matty A brings on some brilliant minds who def have experience when it comes to living a balanced, rich, and fulfilling life. I am loving the variety of guests he brings on and the diversity of their experiences and life lessons. A must listen for anyone into modest, lifestyle and wealth building

Effective, Powerful, Engaging

A home run of awesome and effective content. Good for anyone looking to improve their life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Killer Podcast

Matty- Great job putting together an amazing podcast! I have always looked up to you as a mentor through the Gobundance program, and new you would put out top quality content...you haven't let me down, brother!

An awesome line up of guests and great content

This podcast comes from a real place of contribution. You can really tell it's out to make a difference! Great guests and amazing content. A must listen every week!


Matty A asks such great questions and the guests just deliver such value! Listened to the interview with Peter Sage today and loved his perspectives on formal schooling, service and vibration. It's so cool to listen to Matty pick these guys brains. Keep em coming ;)

Never has a podcast made me cry!

I must listen to at least 30 different podcasts... but this one is different. Matt has a way of getting to the heart of what's really important and striking an emotional chord. He actually had me crying after 3 episodes and that's when I knew I was hooked!

If you want to be inspired!

I suggest you listed to Matty A and all of his fabulous guests. Could not be a better guy and he's sharing his wealth of knowledge with the rest of us!

Great show!

Matt does a great job in getting everything from his guests. His interviews include the top strategies from brilliant people in high performance. I highly recommend.

Great guests and great content

I listened to the episode featuring Hal. He is such a great guest, who is super inspiring and who brings the best out of people.

Awesome topics and inspiration!

Matt does an awesome job with bringing on amazing guests with a wealth of knowledge in how to succeed at your job and life. The topics have been amazing so far, very relevant and topics you would be able to apply to your own life or business. I look forward to hearing more and more from this amazing podcast!

Incredibly Valuable Information

I highly recommend spending some time with Matty A on this podcast to help you develop the Mindset to become a Millionaire and beyond! This guy is bringing valuable content and is truly coming from contribution to add value to your life... You owe it to yourself to have a listen!

Awesome Podcast… LISTEN NOW!

Great podcast with extremely valuable and actionable content!

Insightful and actionable

This podcast has great content. If you are looking for solid personal development and actionable insights, look no further.

Change your life!

You guys need to check out this awesome podcast! I just started it and wow! What a young hustling, full of inspiration,money making machine.That is just full of knowledge and willing to share it with the world! If you want to improve your Life follow this guy. What do you got to lose, except the opportunity to better yourself. Don't let that happen, make it happen!

My favorite way to start each morning!

I have come to know Matty A super well over the last 5 years. Working closely with Matt, i know that whatever he touches, tends to leads to success in some way. When he said that he wanted to launch a podcast, I was SO stoked as I know that he would bring top level talent to the stage, and the content would be rich! I love listening to his MM Podcast in the mornings because it fires me up and sets the tone for my day. Highly reccommend!

Fantastic! Super Practical

With the amount of content out there these days I'm always looking for information that is tight and practical. Matt hits the mark with this podcast!!

Awesome content

Great format, content, and guests. Definitely worth taking the time to listen with tactics to implement. Really enjoy it!

Essential listening

This is essential content for those wanting to create wealth while living a balanced and abundant life. Highly recommended and well presented.

Millionaire Mindcast

I have listened to a couple of sessions and they have been excellent. Matt is interviewing people that are willing to share what has brought them success and also where they've taken a wrong turn. This type of podcast is what is really needed for those striving to succeed and for those just wanting a little guidance along the way. Way to go Matt!

Excellent Podcast! Powerful!

Matt is great! High quality guests and insight! Thanks!


Love the content Matt brings to these podcast. He knows how get informative information out of some highly sought out individuals. It helps me learn and think. đŸ¤”

Inspiring & Impactful

Matty has amazing energy and great passion. Will definitely be tuning into this podcast regularly!

Amazing Podcast - Must listen for all entrepreneurs!

Success leaves clues and Matty A brings very successful entrepreneurs to share their mindset, business strategies and tools that will help us, the listeners, implement their advice into our everyday lives. Super excited for future interviews!

Should Call it MindBlast

Because Matty blows minds. He's totally right - having money is fantastic but the idea really begins with valuiing your own life and attitude towards it. I feel richer everytime I'm done listening and that's what it's all about to Matty. He wants to show us that everything that we want is fully ours if we focus and feel that feeling of having whatever it is. A husband, daddy, investment wizard, BALLER on the court, and now millinoare mentor - Matty A, you're too real.