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The Greatest Podcast Ever!

Matt, Thank you very much for such an amazing show!
Approach you are applying for the interviews is remarkable. It is not only talking about "simple" success, it is more about "hard start" from the beginning that leads to the great success!
Everyone knows, that start is always hard, because of no experience, knowlege and right people around. But from your podcast Matt, it is getting more clear with every question you are asking, with every person you are inviting.
Since I found your podcast, I don't listen radio anymore in my car. Some of interviews I am listening several times and finding something new.
Thank you for sharing your personal ideas, rules, and stories. The discipline and efficiency are leading us to the rich life!
I really appreciate your great job and time that you are investing in this project.

Sept. 9, 2019 by Astoria10 on Apple Podcasts

Millionaire Mindcast