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Brilliant Content

Matt is an incredible host who brings to the surface such rich content combined with such relevant and inspiring stories. He is the utmost professional and his passion in every episode is contagious. -Joe

Awesome show!

Such an awesome show! Thank you for helping your listeners lead the finanically fit life they deserve!

Highly recommend!

Matt and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons to help you succeed in business and life. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to reach your business and financial goals, all while living the life you dream of!

Build Your Own Personal Mastermind Group Made of Millionaires

I began listening to podcasts to answer specific questions I had about my own business, and found Matty's podcast because I was curious if there was one that talked about millionaire mindset. I listen to the Millionaire Mindcast every time I drive and during breaks throughout the day. As a result, I now have a mastermind group consisting of millionaires, effectively voiding the issue that the people who surround me are not necessarily success-minded. I found through the Millionaire Mindcast that I already have many aspects of a millionaire mindset and simply need to act on my strategies every day to make it happen. This podcast is inspirational and includes practical advice that you can apply to your life, and best of all, Matty makes it easy to find the advice/episode that speaks to you in that moment. I already feel like I know Matty A because of his likeable personality and willingness to be vulnerable about himself. I will continue to listen to his podcast every day until I finish all of the old episodes, then will eagerly await new content. Thanks Matty, for being awesome and creating this phenomenal podcast!

Sacramento's FINEST!! A true GOLD MINE!

Matty A's positive energy and inquisitive mind takes Podcasts to another level! If you're interested in becoming a better entrepreneur, leader and human being... you've come to the right place!! Thank you Matty A!!

Matty A!!!!

LOVE This podcast!!! Such great content with epic guests!!!

Hidden Gems!!

I tnever write reviews, but feel this one absolutely deserves 1 for the taking... I ride the train into work daily, always looking for new content that will grow and inspire me. I found Matty A a few months ago - and have been hooked by the content he delivers ever since. He is one of the best conversationalists, very articulate, and digs deep with the guests to uncover hidden gems to help us as people grow & mature in business. Love the podcast, definitely recommend!!


I’ve interviewed hundreds of individuals and Matt is not only one of the most interesting, but one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve ever listed to. His podcast are incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone out there because he finds a way to relate to everyone. 5 stars and two thumbs up!

A true insight on the path to financial freedom

This is definitely a podcast for anyone looking to grow their mindset on life exponential. Matt does such a great job at finding high level people to interview and brings out great questions from them. His words of wisdom are a 🔑 to success

Educational Awesomeness

I meet Matt through a mutual friend and spoke to him over lunch, I knew right then that I had to listen and learn more from Matt. These are great listens just like a great book you can't put down! Keep them coming Matty and hopefully I can sit down with you one day soon to pick your brain on the start of my journey of becoming a millionaire! So much to learn from you brother!

I'm not a millionaire (yet)

This show gives amazing insight into how successful folks do it. Someday, someday, I will get there too! Thank you Matty A!

Ideas worth spreading

Your tips and ideas about Money, time and life management is so educational. Sometimes i read information and forget and those simple habits, that you are sharing on your podcast are a great reminder about the eight life assessment tools. Thanks for Educating and un-educating and inspiring us all to be the students of life.


I discovered Matt on another podcast and was inspired by his story. His podcast is likewise inspirational and insightful and I encourage anyone seeking more of their own lives to sit down, listen up, and find the drive and desire to take action!

Thank you Matty!!

Thank you for creating such a unique and inspiring show. I appreciate your deep insight and as a new fan, I can't get enough!

Very Inspiring

Love the podcast, very motivational. Lots of valuable content to keep me inspired and motivated as I move foward on my journey to success.

provides a lot of insight

Great podcast on expanding the mind on wealth. Matty A brings in great guests and asks great questions to help you get in the minds of some highly successful people.

Creme de la creme of podcasts!

I absolutely love Millionaire Mindcast! Matty A. is freakin incredible! He is SO well spoken, keeps each episode humble, and provides wisdom for lifetimes! I had the honor of meeting him at a seminar and let me tell you that he is just as awesome and real in person as he is on the podcast! I look forward to each and every episode, probably have heard each episode twice by now! Thank you for adding so much value in my life Matt, you have inspired me to shine bright, for that I thank you! You are an all star!

Inspiring and Necessary

I came across Matty A from a friend's Facebook post. Saw that he had a podcast, and I decided to check it out. I haven't gone back since. This is my go-to source for inspiration and to meld my mind. Success leaves clues, and this podcast is FULL of those clues. If something doesn't sink in, it will eventually because you keep getting hit with knowledge over and over and over again. And what's even more amazing is you can listen to the same podcast a month or two later and take away a different message. Whether you're kicking off your big dreams or looking to fine tune a piece of your business, this podcast should be a mandatory part of your week. Thanks Matty A and guests for sharing your wisdom and for being open with your audience.

Incredible content and speakers

Love this podcast! It's a great source of motivation, and the speakers are phenomenal. It's filled with so many action steps to live a more enriching and fulfilled life!


I've had the pleasure of meeting Matty A in person. If you are looking for worthwhile content, from a genuine guy, then this is your place! He's always bringing rockstar guests and delivering epic value to all the listeners. Keep up the great work sir!

Great show and great host

Love how Matt is able to ask great questions and lead the conversation down a path that provides incredible value for the listener.

Millionaire mindset

This podcast rocks. If you change your mindset and see what others have achieved you can start to believe that it's possible. I love the saying that if someone else is doing it...it's probably possible. Love what this young man is doing for the universe!! He dissects success and makes it achievable for everyone with the drive!!

Great podcast, great content, inspiring host

The Millionaire Mindcast is my go to podcast for inspiration and self development. The guests that Matty A brings on give advice and insight to navigating the treacherous waters of success. I highly recommend to anyone looking to better themselves and their business acumen. Keep up the good work Matt!

Awesome Podcast !

My new favorite podcast! Has amazing guests and Matt does a great job interviewing them. I get a Ton of value from listening to the show !

Awesome Podcast!

Matty's Vast experience and knack for asking great questions makes this podcast a gold mine for all RE investing advice! If you haven't listened- you're missing out!

Legendary Podcast

Matty A's warm, affable style coupled with facinating ideas, disucssions and actionable advice make Millionaire Mindcast must listening.

Helpful & Inspirational

It's great to hear advice from someone around my own age. Matt is impressive and personable. Love his podcast so much!

Well-Rounded & Encouraging for People Who Want to Live an Amazing Life!

Matty A attracts some of the most exciting guests and has a natural, conversational way of extracting their knowledge and best practices for living amazing lives. I always find inspiration, and something I can apply to my own life, from every episode I listen to. I love this podcast!

Thank you Matt!

Matt you're the Real Deal! What a special guy you are! Thank you for being a beacon of inspiration for so many! Much love my friend!


Love the enthusiasm Matt expresses and the great content he provides gives food for thought on my drives to school!👍🏻👍🏻