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Killer Podcast

Matty- Great job putting together an amazing podcast! I have always looked up to you as a mentor through the Gobundance program, and new you would put out top quality haven't let me down, brother!

Love this podcast

The content, format, and host are excellent. So many gold nuggets in each episode!

Amazing Podcast

I have been listening to the Millionaire Mindcast podcast by Matt Aitchison for a few weeks now and I am blown away by the level of knowledge and inspiring content it provides. Matt is a true master of the financial world and each episode provides me with valuable information to help me reach my goals. The topics are always relevant and engaging, and Matt covers a wide range of topics from specific advice for entrepreneurs, to strategies for growing your wealth, to general advice for managing your finances. The podcast is easy to listen to and highly entertaining, so it's definitely worth your time to tune in and learn something new. Highly recommended! 5 stars!

Great Motivation, and financial strategies

Matt Aitchison has put out such great content the last several years (I’ve been listening since 2018). It’s great to see how he has developed and grown as an investor, mentor and leader in this space reaching so many listeners that otherwise would not have a seat at the table of these conversations. There are always great takeaways, and value-Adds. Subscribe and share!

Excellent show

Great questions, Greta topics and great flow. I found myself listening to several shows once I landed here.

The Best!

I have been listening for 2 years now and this podcast has improved my life personally and financially! This is simply one of the best podcasts out there if you are looking for self improvement and making strategic moves to improve financially. Might I add, it’s only gotten better and better!

Excellent guests and host

Great show. The host has really evolved over the years. This show provides listeners with great content and actionable steps.

Go to podcast!

There’s so much good content and information hidden in every episode. I consistently walk away with actionable items I can take into my everyday life. I thoroughly enjoy the M, W, F splits. Whether you’re looking to stay up on current events, learn from successful entrepreneurs, or mindset. It’s all here!

Awesome Podcast!

I love getting in my truck and putting Matt on and just listening to the wisdom he and his guests have. I’m just looking to get into real estate, stocks and life insurance. So it’s awesome having a podcast that talks about those topics and more weekly. If you are looking for something to get you motivated and just in the groove of setting up your future then give this a listen. He also has mentor spots available with himself or co host Ryan. Both dudes are just spitting constant knowledge.

Great Content!

Thanks for always keeping it real and providing great insight.

This podcast is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I love the podcast and never miss an episode😃🙌🏼👊🏼

Best business / entrepreneurial podcasts round, by far!

This podcast has it all. From leadership, to entrepreneurship, to finance, to general leveling up one’s life, this podcast has is all and Matt goes above and beyond each week to deliver!

Life changing podcast.

I want to start off by saying thank you! The start of 2023 marked one year of me listening to this great podcast. Just in one year of listening to this podcast I’ve learned so much about financial literacy and about myself. I’ve listened to every podcast episode, and I've always taken something important out of it. And if Matt if by chance you see this review, I just wanted to say thank you. You and Ryan are doing great things for this world. You guys have truly inspired me. And I want you guys to know that one day I will be meeting you guys, and that I will soon be a guest speaker on this great podcast. Thank you yet again, and much love!

Wealth of Knowledge

This podcast is a treasure trove of information for business owners and entrepreneurs. Matt covers a wide array of topics and you’ll find a great takeaway or piece of advice in every episode. Highly recommend!

Awesome Show!

Great content!

full of wisdom

This show is chalk full of insights and provides top notch investing education from professionals from all sides of the industry. One of my go-to shows for learning from the best of the best in real estate. A must listen.

One of my Weekly Staples

I love this show. One of the my weekly podcast staples. Super good guidance on all things business and wealth generation and entertaining as well.


This show is the best! Easily one of the best most accurate and honest money-centric podcasts out there.

Great show!

Really enjoy this one and the updates on the markets in real time. Always interesting topics!

Great show!

Matt does an awesome job getting the best stories and advice from his guests.

Approachable and practical

Millionaire Mindcast delivers actionable advice that is approachable from entrepreneurs both burgeoning as well as established.

Very good

Some years follow you like that info

Life changing

This podcast is incrementally changing my life each week. It’s like Matt is my personal coach. I am so grateful for his mentorship and value.

Bringing content and value all in one place that you can’t get elsewhere

Matty does a phenomenal job of bringing in a variety of content and guest that add a tremendous value to my life as an entrepreneur and family man.

Top 3 weekly favorites

These guys mix a perfect balance of fact, perspective and opinion. This should be in everybody’s top financial/investment podcasts

Become a millionaire in every area of your life

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Matty’s show. Great energy and solid questions were asked. Love his philosophy of being a millionaire in ALL areas of life—not just the financial side. I enjoyed listening to his interview with Dean Graziosi. Top notch!

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is an amazing podcast. You will gain not only practical ideas but also insights into how to have the mindset of a millionaire. Also what I love about this podcast is the fact that Matt talks about how important it is to be a millionaire in areas of life. Keep up the great work, Matt!

Great Host that gets to Heart of the Topic

Had the pleasure of being a guest of the show and I absolutely loved visiting with Matt. He is sharp and knows how to ask great questions to really extract the key lessons for the listener. Truly a professional at putting together a great show that is super valuable for those looking to learn more on all things success and investing.

Great Market Updates

Listen to this every week and get value every time! Truly changing my relationship with money, only up from here 💰

The Best Financial Podcast

After listening to many different financial podcasts over the years, this podcast is the only podcast I never miss every week. The value that Matt and Ryan provide on Wealth Building Wednesday is top notch. Both of their personalities compliment each other perfectly and their combination of expertise in both investing in real estate and the markets is unique and exciting. Their consistent confidence and positive mindset is inspiring and supports their listeners in achieving financial independence. It is relieving to hear their level headed perspective on the latest news headlines and economic developments. Highly Recommended.