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Great entrepreneurial content!

Listening To Matt and his guest talk about entrepreneurship and business strategies is super refreshing! As someone who is aiming to start their own small business within the next few years, I am always excited about the next episode. Keep it up Matt and friends!

Epic listen!

Love this podcast! What an epic listen, highly recommended. Looking forward to hearing more!

Helpful, relevant content

Matt has great interviewing skills. He’s at ease, listens intently and asks relevant, follow-up questions. The flow of the conversation\interview is impressive. Great work Matt.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Millionaire Mindcast is a great long form podcast and Matt goes deep with his guests which makes these podcasts very interesting and inspiring. I highly recommend adding this one to your playlist.


I love this podcast! It is full of content that I can apply to my day-to-day business and information to broaden my perspective. Thank you for investing in others, Matt!

Great content and listen!

For anyone looking for some great ideas on how to be successful while still living the life you want, I highly recommend this podcast. Matty's enthusiam for life and desire to share with others how he has built a successful life while still finding time for all the things he finds most important is evident through his podcast. The guests are great and always have a multitude of great tips and life advice. I promise taking 45 minutes out of your day to subscripe and listen will add value to your mindset and leave you feeling positive about the options available to get to where you want to be in life!

Alert: Inspiring Content Inside

I listen to podcasts everyday to and from work and am glad to add this one to the top of my priority listen list! Start your day off right and become inspired! Listen to Millionaire Mindcast!

Great Podcast!

Great podcast on a much needed topic. It all starts with mindset! Super guests, and I'm excited to hear more.


Matt is a sharp individual. He's definitely someone who knows what he is doing!


Matty A attracts quality guests and content! Can’t wait to hear more!

Nice job Matty!

Well done


Great content from a host that comes from contribution continually. Looking forward to the next one!

My new favorite podcast!

Just recently found out about this podcast and loving it! Perfect for anyone trying to find an easily relatable podcast that will help them take their next step in the right direction. I have listened to a few podcasts in this realm but I was never able to fully relate to the speakers. Matty and his guests are all super knowledgable and also seem like the kind of people I’d like to hang out with. Def give this podcast a listen… it won’t take long for you to subscribe to the Millionaire Mindcast and start living it!

Change your mindset, change your life

I was fortunate enough to meet Matt and his team at a OneLife Fully Lived mastermind. The ideas, support, culture and growth I heard about and learned about changed my view forever. I'm always looking forward to what the group comes up with next, and now here is Matt with his own podcast! Looking forward to what I learn here!


Great host, great guests!


Great knowledge. Keep up the good work Matt

Knocked it out of the park

Exceptional minds and Matt's ambition to be a leader is why I ranked it 5 stars. Great work man!

Off to a great start!

If the episode with Hal Elrod is any indication, this will be a podcast to keep handy!

Great content, great host, great guests!

Highly recommend this podcast! Matty A. does a great job interviewing some very high-achieving individuals and pulls out lots of really actionable tidbits and lessons.

Inspiring podcast!

Well done Millionaire Mindset Matt! Very high quality interviews/dialogue and I am implementing strategies learned on your show. Keep it up!

Entrepreneur Dreamer Game Changer

Matt is grabbing life BIG!! I see him (all the time) implementing what he's talking about! He's smart! He's focused! & most important ....... He dares to Dream of a better life..... By Design!! 5 Stars for Matt! Brent Gove

Awesome Content and Guests

Matty does it again with this amazing podcast series! He has the best guests and really gets great content, advice, and breakthrough ideas from his guests. It's worth your time to invest in listening to this series!

First podcasts so far are outstanding!!

Great guests with tons of info that I'm able to take gold nuggets away from on each mindcast. Keep up the great work Matt, you're on to something!


Matty is a guy that I have followed for years and I am stoked to see that he finally has this forum to give back to the world. His first few guests have been amazing business people with stellar insights. Matt clearly has a ton of passion and I am excited to see what else there is to come. I am a podcast junkie and this one deserves to be subscribed to immediately.

Inspirational and REAL STUFF!!!

Matt this is awesome!!!… I like the cut to the chase awesome information. I like to consider myself a learning based entrepreneur and Matt has clearly demonstrated a high level and mastery at his craft.. HUGE value, great learning…Hey folks, lets face it.. 90% of our success is right between our ears.. Thanks Matty A. for this great, inspiriting contribution to my success!!!


Matty A does an excellent job interviewing the great minds of truly successful people. His style is very authentic allowing his guests to share openly and honestly with him. I feel like I really do have insight into the millionaire mind! Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to enjoying all the podcasts.


This podcast is Rockin… Such incredible and insightful guest on the show. I am learning and implementing so many of the little golden nuggets that I'm learning from these guests. Great content that is continuing to cement the ideas, thoughts of truly the millionaire mindset. This has been a must listen for me every morning before I start my day.

Million Dollar Podcast!

Matt is the real game changer. A great guy that believes in a million little things but most important, believes in himself. Keep up the great work. I will be looking forward to all the new valuable content.

Killing it!!!

As always Matt doesnt disappoint. The abundent mindset coupled with rock star guests makes this a must listen for me. Keep up the great work Matt. Love the openness of your conversations and always have some kernels to take with me. Keep up the great work.... Not falling on deaf ears!

LOVE this podcast already!

Great content that really does a fantastic job of both understanding the mindset of millionaires and their strategies too.