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Jump start your mindset!

I just listened to season 3, episode 7 with Rod Khlief. Oh my gosh! I always love this podcast- but this episode blew my mind. I will definitely be re-listening. I took so many notes. What a positive inspiring show. Matty A never disappoints with his skillful and personable interviews, and Mr. Khlief really brings some high energy positivity. If you've never listened, start here and start now. You will be glad you did.

Lighting other candles

I found this podcast from a youtuber who mentioned it and let me say it’s been amazing ever since. The knowledge that you are providing people not just starting but those looking to sharpen their skills. It is such a motivational podcast that helps me get out of that mindset of scarcity and come into abundance and wealth. Thank you for not being afraid to light some many candles in this world. Can’t wait to be on your podcast in the future.

I come from nothing no school no Formal education

No dad no mom and I’ve made 11 mil in 2 years

Elevates my thinking

I don't know how I hadn't come across this podcast before, but I just listened to the interview with Michael Maher and it completely inspired me to elevate my level of thinking with how I give in my business and my life in general. Matty A is a great host and asks insightful, practical questions. I highly recommend the show and am looking forward to hearing more!

Nice staff

Thank you for this great interview , keep doing this amazing job!!! 😍

Monday morning Routine

I look forward to Monday now because my routine includes listening to this podcast to start my morning and get me in the right frame of mind on my way to work. Every episode I think “this one may not pertain to Me” but then every single one has provided insight and I walk away with more than I had when it started! The interviews are great and he goes there with each of them to ensure the listener is getting the most out of it.

Great Podcast

I’ve really enjoyed both Matty and the guests he has had on his show! So much knowledge and truly inspirational! Great job! Keep it up!


One of my favorite podcasts. Inspiring without just dropping quotes. Informational without being boring. No self boasting. Just solid content, ideas, motivation and content.

Great guy, great info and great guests

Matt is a great guy with great real life experience in the real estate world. Have been following his path to success and watching this business continue to grow.

Great Content

Matty A is a great educator on how to grow quick and profit big in the flip real estate business. Love this guy!!! DONE

Fresh uplifting content

I have been through his trainings. First rate stuff. If you are new or have flipped 100 homes you will learn at least 5 new things you can bring back to your team and implement into your business for immediate returns!!

Love it

There is so much incredible information shared on this podcast. Do yourself a huge favor and tune in and subscribe. You’ll be so grateful you did.

Continues to add a value to our lives!

Episode #136 is truly amazing! I recently discovered Codie Sanchez and am so inspired by her journey and the amazing things she is doing. It is just an amazing sychronicity to see that two amazing people Matty A. and Codie Sanchez are on a podcast together. Thank you for continuing to add valuable content into our world. You da bomb Matty!

Access to success

Great opportunity to learn from people doing what we all want to be doing. Thanks for the great content!

One of my favorite podcasts

I love listening to Matty A's podcasts! I'm always excited when there's a new one. The guests he brings on are great, and the questions he asks are spot on.

Amazing content, guests, and tools

This show is amazing! Not only are the podcasts themselves great, but Matt provides amazing tools outside the podcasts that literally anyone can benefit from. The guests are amazing, and unlike a lot of business podcasts, the show is entertaining and enjoyable- it doesn’t feel like a lecture or boring lesson. I highly suggest anyone looking to get ahead in life or to improve their life to look into his FREE tools. The planner is one of my favorites.

Great energy

I have been a MM listener for about 2 months now. Thank you for sharing not only financial guidance but also positivity. I've been in the Navy for almost 16 years now and lived in a "bubble" of the military. Between these podcasts and reading suggestions from it, I have gotten out of $10K of consumer debt and only about $12K left with a CLEAR pathway to achieve that before the end of the year. Thanks Matty A!

IMA & REI Trainee

Matt, thank you for all you do! This podcast has changed my mindset, which has changed my life. This podcast is my motivation and gives me the strength to keep pressing play on my dreams when I am discouraged and want to give up. There is no way I can thank you enough

Digs deep, teaches & motives

I love this show! Matty is awesome and I love his interview style. He has had some incredibly influential guests and I often repeat episodes just to absorb all that I am learning. Very motivational and inspiring. Thank you, I am a huge fan/student of this podcast! -Mel


Thanks for the great content! After getting your email with your favorite 10 episodes I immediately downloaded and listened to all 10 and was blown away. I then repeated and will keep repeating until I turn a lot of the teachings and lessons into habits. If you are the sum of the 5 or 10 people I hang out with then just hang out with these podcast and others alike to live a huge life in all areas. Thanks again!!!

Host talks too much

14 minutes into the show and finally the guest is able to say hello.

Life changing content!

Matty A gets into some crucial mindset conversation with inspiring guests. I’m always looking to learn and grow as a person and with Millionaire Mindcast I’ve hit a goldmine. Very grateful for this podcast and the things I’ve learned from it so far!

A shot in the arm every episode

Matty A's attitude and mindset are contagious. He introduces amazing guests. Some I knew already, a couple even personally. Regardless I learned new things abou them. These days answers are abundant. Asking the right questions is the key. Matty is the master adn all of the listeners benefit.

Listener for life!

This podcast genuinely cares about their guests & audience and are providing something amazing and thought provoking with each episode. You've got a listener for life!

Matty is great

I saw Matty speak and was taken by his genuine spirit. And the podcast is just what I need - as my own mindset needs some tweaking. Listen to this show and you will become a fan fast

Great show about making more income!

Great podcast if you are looking for a blueprint for success. I'm totally needing help with making more income so I'm glad I found this podcast full of gems of information. Amazing show! Thanks Matt! To our Success! Big Daddy Approved!

want to become a millionaire?

like making money? want to make more money? This is the podcast for you. learn from a Millionaire about how to become a millionaire.

A must-subscribe

This show is totally for the modern entrepreneur. More than just money-hype, Matt delivers brilliant content on mindset, impact and more. If you're interested in learning about the patterns of success, tune in. Great job Matt.

Great listen

This is great stuff for anyone who wants to better understand how to create a richer life. This goes well beyond money to the mindset and motivation that will help you in life.

Content galore!

I am constantly hitting the pause and reverse buttons so I can hear it all again! In addition I am taking pages of notes. Great guests and great content. Thank you Matt for an awesome podcast!