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Matt podcast are just so awesome and so valuable! I learn so much from and it gets me pump every time! I’m starting to raise new funds for my next rental property! You rock Matt!

Consistently delivering!

Matt does a great job of delivering excellent content! As a fellow RE investor, I can attest that Matt’s podcast is worth a daily listen.

Starting off 2020 Strong!

Love the Millionaire Mindcast and especially the focus 2020 MattyA and Ryan are brining our real estate investments! Keep killing it!

Very motivational!

This podcast is great in that it is helping me to understand aspects of the financial world that I have otherwise been in the dark about. I’m starting from square one, and attempting to change my mindset about money and my ability to achieve success, and this podcasts helps remind me that I’m not alone in my endeavors to better myself and my financial standing.


I had a conversation with Matt today he gave me some good advice and I’ll take those tips and used that to my best knowledge.

Top Level Podcast!

The Millionaire Mindcast Podcast is now #1 in my rotation! Matt delivers more value than we deserve over and over again and I appreciate his quick wit and understanding nature towards wherever someone is at on their road to wealth. If that wasn’t good enough... bringing Ryan on board has developed this into one heavyweight audio knockout! Can’t wait to see what they bring to the table in 2020. Matthew Foster @realmatthewfoster

Living a Rich Life

The Millionaire Mindcast is more than just a podcast about building wealth. Matty A. brings the listener a community of experts to educate them and offers mastery in living the best life possible. Great RE investment knowledge for those of use who are looking to grow their portfolio as well! Ben

Listen to every episode!

My husband I listen to every one of your episodes. We have found them to be super informative and love the variety of guests you have on. We listen to them on our own then take notes and talk about them the next day. Such a great tool for business owners. Keep it up!

The best!

Extremely motivating and tons of things learned after every episode


This has been a great show for my career. I was thinking too small, but this gave me the motivation to truly keep the drive going to succeed more than I could believe. Keep up the great work, and I also suggest reaching out to Ryan for your planning needs, and Maty for mentorship/ real estate planning. Don’t waste another year not being plugged in with this team! -Jon

Made the World a lot Bigger!!!

My mind was stuck and I didnt even know it. This podcast opened my mind up to a whole new world. Ive started working on myself and refused to settle for a 9 to 5. I listen because the podcast provokes a lot of deep thought, encouragement, ideas, best practices, and a huge portfolio of learning. Ive shared it with my family and friends because I want it to impact their lives also. Much Love

A1! Bobby Castro episode was 🔥. Good to know where entrepreneurs r stackin up their chips

Excellent podcast. Would recommend listening/following the host to all entrepreneurs and RE investors.


Listening to this podcast opened my eyes a lot about so many different ways to make money and have a diversified portfolio.

Best Business Podcast on ITunes

Always has valuable information on various business topics. Matt asks questions to his guests that make them think and provides his listeners with the most valuable information his guests can provide. Definitely give this podcast a listen!!

Great listening for anyone who wants financial freedom

Great interviews with people who have acchieved financial freedom and actually know what they are talking about. Love this podcast!

Adam Akalin

Thanks for the content brother. Love the vibes. Anytime I’m feeling down, I hope I’m here and listen to a episode. Always wakes me up and provides me with good energy.

Best podcast out there!!

I absolutely love this podcast & everything you do, Matty! Thank you for providing so many of us with such valuable tools & information. What you’re doing is changing lives & I appreciate it more than a review can express! You are the best & listening to this podcast is worth every second.

A whole life podcast!

Thanks for all the content you put out Matt! I love that this podcast has a emphasis on being a whole life millionaire. I always walk away with some new knowledge and actionable tips.

Thanks Matt!

Always great value!

Stellar Content!

I listen to the Millionaire Mindcast podcast every morning on my way to work. Many of the episodes multiple time. It is inspiring, motivating, and very helpful. The direction of the content hits on all levels. I personally have been motivated by one of the episodes to go after a passion of mine and launch a new business. You don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank to connect with MattyA. I recommend this to current entrepreneurs and those looking at stating their first business and/or investment. Subscribe. You won’t be disappointed.

Great Inspirational Informational Show

Thank you for doing what you do Matty! I appreciate what you do and how you show up for your family, your listeners, and your friends. Thank you for the inspiration and unfiltered perspective. Keep doing what you are doing!

One of the best podcasts

I’m subscribed to quite a few podcasts, but this is the one that I am always waiting for new episodes to come out. Love all the guests and insight it gives!

Awesome, well rounded podcast.

A very enjoyable podcast that I would definetly recommend for entrepreneurs of any age and level. Great conversations, strategies, and much more.

Great Listen

I look up to people like Matty. This podcast has inspired me in more ways than one. 👍🏻👍🏻

So much value

As an entrepreneur who works with kids and Fortune 500 companies, alike, I can say that there few podcasts offering such value to such a wide range of individuals! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to stretch themselves to a place of intentional growth in all areas of life!

Don’t miss it!

I’ve heard so much great content from this show. Don’t miss out!

The journey within

Ironically I found this podcast well after I met Matty at the gym. I somehow knew this guy I saw everyday was a high achiever. I like to surround myself with people that attack life with a great attitude. Great podcast to motivate, educate, and for me to stay accountable towards my goals.

Amazing topics for entrepreneurs

I can’t believe it took me this long to find Matty A. I flew through 6 episodes today. Great discussions to help entrepreneurs consider their purpose, their processes, and how to maintain balance while doing it all!

Amazing Show!

I love listening to Matty A. ! This podcast is a life changer if you let allow it. Always new and exciting content that helps you find your balance and guidance no matter what level of life your on!

Great show with well rounded content

I stumbled across this podcast a few months ago the content has really resonated with me. I'm currently scaling my real estate investment business from 6 to 7 figures and growing my rental portfolio and I spend a lot of time listenting to podcasts that just focus on REI. The content in this podcast is great for someone like me who wants to get more information on the mindset behind wealth accumulation as I already spend I lot of time on learning the mechanics involved in growing my business. Thanks to Matt for taking the time to put the show together