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A whole life podcast!

Thanks for all the content you put out Matt! I love that this podcast has a emphasis on being a whole life millionaire. I always walk away with some new knowledge and actionable tips.

Thanks Matt!

Always great value!

Stellar Content!

I listen to the Millionaire Mindcast podcast every morning on my way to work. Many of the episodes multiple time. It is inspiring, motivating, and very helpful. The direction of the content hits on all levels. I personally have been motivated by one of the episodes to go after a passion of mine and launch a new business. You don’t have to have a million dollars in the bank to connect with MattyA. I recommend this to current entrepreneurs and those looking at stating their first business and/or investment. Subscribe. You won’t be disappointed.

Great Inspirational Informational Show

Thank you for doing what you do Matty! I appreciate what you do and how you show up for your family, your listeners, and your friends. Thank you for the inspiration and unfiltered perspective. Keep doing what you are doing!

One of the best podcasts

I’m subscribed to quite a few podcasts, but this is the one that I am always waiting for new episodes to come out. Love all the guests and insight it gives!

Awesome, well rounded podcast.

A very enjoyable podcast that I would definetly recommend for entrepreneurs of any age and level. Great conversations, strategies, and much more.

Great Listen

I look up to people like Matty. This podcast has inspired me in more ways than one. 👍🏻👍🏻

So much value

As an entrepreneur who works with kids and Fortune 500 companies, alike, I can say that there few podcasts offering such value to such a wide range of individuals! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to stretch themselves to a place of intentional growth in all areas of life!

Don’t miss it!

I’ve heard so much great content from this show. Don’t miss out!

The journey within

Ironically I found this podcast well after I met Matty at the gym. I somehow knew this guy I saw everyday was a high achiever. I like to surround myself with people that attack life with a great attitude. Great podcast to motivate, educate, and for me to stay accountable towards my goals.

Amazing topics for entrepreneurs

I can’t believe it took me this long to find Matty A. I flew through 6 episodes today. Great discussions to help entrepreneurs consider their purpose, their processes, and how to maintain balance while doing it all!

Amazing Show!

I love listening to Matty A. ! This podcast is a life changer if you let allow it. Always new and exciting content that helps you find your balance and guidance no matter what level of life your on!

Great show with well rounded content

I stumbled across this podcast a few months ago the content has really resonated with me. I'm currently scaling my real estate investment business from 6 to 7 figures and growing my rental portfolio and I spend a lot of time listenting to podcasts that just focus on REI. The content in this podcast is great for someone like me who wants to get more information on the mindset behind wealth accumulation as I already spend I lot of time on learning the mechanics involved in growing my business. Thanks to Matt for taking the time to put the show together

Definitely in my top 5! game changer!

Great content here. I listen to podcast throughout my 8 hours of work and I am always pleased by the topics and guests Matty A brings on the show. I have tried plenty of podcast for entrepreneurs and this one helped to change my whole view on how I live my life. The interviews here gives regular folks like me hope that with strong belief and strategic planning you can make the most of your entrepreneurial journey. I love the direction the interviews go to dissect HOW the guest got to where they are going. I am sharing what I’ve learned to all those close around me and hope to join the journey to reach the masses.

Depth and weight

Just started listening to this podcast and I am amazed at the knowledge from the host and guests on the show. Love how well rounded it is and that I can take something from each episode that has tremendous value.

Awesome sit down!

I was honored to be a guest on the show (ep. 355) and so appreciate Matt's style! I have been intereviewed over 500 times in the last 3 years alone and Matt 'went there' in ways other hosts won't. Having now listened to dozens of his other interviews, I can assure you that Millionaire Mindcast will absolutely change the trajectory of your businesss... and your life... if you implement the awesome strategies Matt and his singular guests share. Thank you Matt for the opportunity to join ya! -- Steve Olsher (SteveOlsher.com)

The Most Influential Podcast - Highly Recommend

I listen to this podcast whenever I can. It’s a staple to my day. I learn something new every episode and discover new meanings to the actions I take. It’s very goal oriented and for those people who are committed to improving themselves. The Millionaire Mindcast is not just about generating financial wealth but also emotional and intellectual wealth; something I lack. Matty is an example of how to be a great leader. I am more empowered, focused, and energized after every episode.

Best Podcast Ever!!!

Matt has created a program full of the greatest content. The conversations that take place in these interviews are exciting and energetic. There are many tips, perspectives, and ideas containing the profound power of enriching your life. I can’t say enough about my appreciation for Matt and his guests. My life has been transformed in many beneficial ways.

The Greatest Podcast Ever!

Matt, Thank you very much for such an amazing show! Approach you are applying for the interviews is remarkable. It is not only talking about "simple" success, it is more about "hard start" from the beginning that leads to the great success! Everyone knows, that start is always hard, because of no experience, knowlege and right people around. But from your podcast Matt, it is getting more clear with every question you are asking, with every person you are inviting. Since I found your podcast, I don't listen radio anymore in my car. Some of interviews I am listening several times and finding something new. Thank you for sharing your personal ideas, rules, and stories. The discipline and efficiency are leading us to the rich life! I really appreciate your great job and time that you are investing in this project.

Best of the Best

I have listened to many business/entrepreneurial podcasts over the past few years but this is by FAR the best one out there. I’ve never written a review for a podcast before but feel so compelled to write one for the Millionaire Mindcast because of all the value I have gotten from this show. You can truly feel that Matty A pours in a ton of time to do research on finding the best entrepreneurs to interview for his show, and effort to ask the right questions so he can extract the highest caliber of information for his viewers. I listen to MM everyday driving to work and have never listened to an episode that I didn’t take value from (I take voice memos of the most valuable “nuggets” and write them down in a journal later on). I aim to employ all that I have learned from this podcast into action so that one day I can be a guest on the show and a mentor for others (still a long way to go but making progress everyday!). Thank you again Matty A for putting on the best entrepreneurial podcast out there, listening to it in the mornings is one of the best parts of my day.

Thank You, Matty A.

Thank you! Thank for you putting in all the hard work to deliver the content you do that has been life changing for myself. I am not anywhere close to peaking my success, but I am steadily making that hike every day with every message you bring, encouraging me to take the next step. I know that I’m going to make it “there” because I find myself in each person you interview. The more I listen, the more I better understand “Millionaire Mindset.” Because it truly is a mindset that the first step of achieving is making the decision to live that life. So much of the information that is shared I don’t know that I would currently have other options to experience. I constantly look forward to the next opportunity I have to learn on this podcast with every new episode. Thank you! This podcast has been a huge asset and blessing to my personal life and business as well. I know without a doubt I am going further because of the help you’re offering. Many blessings to you and your family!

Life-changing podcast for those interested in holistic wealth

I have been listening to this podcast for a little over a year now, and I have to say I have never been as inspired as I am today. This podcast resonates so much with me on the deepest level. The podcast really drills into you is that it’s not just about becoming a millionaire or billionaire. It’s about having a rich life in all aspects of your life, your family, your friends, etc. it’s about adding value to other people’s lives through contribution. Thanks Matt for your incredible work and for inspiring us all to be whole life millionaires.

My favorite podcast

Matt has a knack for consistently delivering quality content to his listeners that not only teaches, but also inspires them to live a better life. I learn something of tremendous value with each episode because of the dynamic guests and topics he speaks about on a regular basis. I really enjoy this podcast because it covers all the areas of life that are most important to me. So feed your brain something healthy for a change and go subscribe to this podcast!

Game Changing Podcast

I’ve learned so much from Matt Aitchison and he constantly challenges me to level up not only in my business but as a human being in general. He has grown to be a mentor figure in my life and I’m grateful I am able to learn from him. I would suggest this podcast to anyone.

Amazing ! Always great listen !

If you’re looking for a podcast to level up your thinking this is it ! if you’re looking for knowledge bombs all day look no further . Matty a brings on such great guest and such great wisdom is share on every episode. The knowledge and information is delivered in a way that it can easy to understand!! It is a quick listen and you won’t regret it!

MattyA is the goat

The man provides nothing but great information. Inspiring as an entrepreneur and father. G.O.A.T. In the making.

Strongly Recommend

I am a fairly new listener. I listen every chance I get because the value is there! Matt helps me stay motivated and focused on the goals at hand!!

Incredible Vision and Direction

Matty puts out a incredible podcast tap in for a really great perspective and outlook on how to supercharge your life and business!!!

Amazing, so inspiring✨

I’m not sure how I came across this podcast but I’ve never really been the person to just sit and listen but just about every podcast I listen here has me up and ready in the morning. I send these podcast to my friends they they love them as well. Thank you for helping me think of things in different ways so I can achieve my goals!