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Amazing podcast let by one of the best!!!

His first three guess were absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what Matt has to bring for the rest of these podcasts

Great interviews and very inspiring!

Matt does a fantastic job with his interviews, and I highly recommend you listen in on them. I look forward to see who is coming up on his upcoming podcasts!

Matty is knocking it out of the park!

Matty is knocking it out of the park with his new podcast. The first few guests have been great. If you need to kickstart your morning routine, listen to the Hal Elrod talk. The David Osborne interview was a home run - I always learn something new when I hear David speak. Matty has a fun, engaging, humble and curious style about him. I’m looking forward to many more podcasts!

One of the best!

Millionaire Mindcast is one of the best podcasts I’ve listened too. Matt A., has world class guests and mind-bending topics. Looking for a podcast that will hold your attention and bring incredible value? Stop looking and subscribe to this one now!

Matt interviews sharp people!

I found that Matt interviews quite a few sharp people. Keep up the content! Loved the one with David Osborn & Hal!

Love Love Love this show!

Matty A is the new voice of consciously building abundance. I have no doubt this will become one of the most popular shows on wealth building as the host is literally pulling back the curtains on real, intentional, tangible, and ethical strategies to create your version of a rich life. I'm a Superfan! - Nicole The Art of Epic Wellness

Great Value add on Mindset!!

It's easy to read a book, hear a speaker, or go to an event and get excited to conquer the world... Then you get back into the routine of things... Getting that same excitement in your daily life and staying that pumped up every day requires more and this podcast brings that value to your life!! Thanks for adding value Matt!!


Thanks to Matt for providing content that keeps me inspired, educated, and motivated!

Life changing material

Matt has selected amazing guests who deliver personal stories who can help every single person, in every single walk of life. Matt asks questions that seem to bring out authentic responses from guests. Absolutely fantastic. I would recommend this to everyone. I look forward to years of content.

Learn & Grow

The perfect person to be sharing insight with us. Matt has so much to offer that we can all learn from, from his personal to his professional journey as an entrepreneur. Matt is an inspiration to all of us that get the opportunity to meet him or listen to him speak. I am excited for future podcasts, always something great in store.

Pure Gold !

I love the format and the flow of the show. Matty A has definitely taken the great parts of the inspirational / investing / motivational podcasts out there and incorporated their feel into his show. Looking forward to my mind growing each episode I listen to...

Totally inspired!

Wow, what amazing content. Matty A has a way of bringing out the best in people and relating to his audience. I love these podcasts….one of my new favorites!

Love the Content

A+ content and guest list so far! Keep it coming Matty.

Finally a financial podcast that isn’t like the rest!

With so many podcasts to choose from, it can be challenging to know where our time is best spent. Matt takes a unique approach in the “Millionaire Mindcast” that I found very valuable (and feel strongly that you will too) on our journey to financial freedom. Thanks, Matt!


Matts a natural! I always look forward to hearing who is going to be interviewed and what topics are going to come up. Full of insight and valuable information.

Great ideas, intuitive foresight, positive energy

Are just a few things I can say about Matt A and Millionaire mindset podcast. Been following him for a couple years now. Glad he's using a tool to reach more people. Solid interviews!

Loving this podcast

As a businessman and real estate professional, I know its critical to fill my mind with bigger thinking and best practices from those are finding success. The interview with David Osborn is worth it alone and should be listened to over and over again. Take advantage of being able to tap into this great network on your own time. You won’t be disappointed.

Awesome Podcast!

Matt is so insightful and entertaining. So much valuable information, thanks Matt!

Heart and Soul, Genuine and Motivating

Matt is one of those people you feel an instant connection with when you meet him. Committed to supporting others and genuine caring are what set him apart. Matt's new podcast is a great tool for everyone wanting to live their Best Life. If you want to play bigger in your life or business, this is where you want to start.


Matt brings great guests and great attitude to this podcast. It is amazing to see old friends achieve amazing new heights. Congratulations Matt!

Awesome guy. Awesome content. Awesome show.

Matt Aitchison is an overall awesome and inspiring guy - luckily he and I live in the same area. I would gladly vouch for his authenticity as a person, AND a professional. Grateful that he is investing his time and talent to share his knowledge, insight and connections with the word through Millionaire Mindcast. Do yourself, your family, and your finances a favor by subscribing today!

Great Podcast the content is for everyone !

Matt has created a podcast that is easy for everyone to listen too. I have asked all of my coaching clients and people I mentor to listen to this podcast. The idea’s that Matt and his team come up with are right on point and seem to be exactly what the listener is looking for. Each episode seems to get better and better. The best part about this podcast is that it does not just talk about money, they talk about leadership, purpose, passion, drive, energy, health, wellness and so much more. I think everyone is a millionaire at something and this podcast is for everyone. Thank you Matt and the Millionaire Mindcast team for creating a podcast worth listening to again and again.

One of the best Podcast out today

I have subscribed and unsubscribed to many podcast over the last two years. I have to say that Matt's podcast is one of the best on the market today. Not only does he have skills to pull out valuable information from his guest but he also has the connections to put some of the best minds on air. Highly recommended - Greg Harrelson

Adding value...

Matt is an example to follow, no doubt! He's been crushing it since he got started just a short few years ago! It's AMAZING how much he has accomplished in this short time. He is committed to excellence and adding value to all those that surround him! He has invested numerous hours and $$$ in his personal & business growth. He is now giving back to others much of his knowledge gained! He is one to continue to watch and learn from. 👍

Live in Abundance

Want some strategic plans on how to live a life of abundance and wealth… want to stop coming from a scarcity mindset… then check out this podcast.

Top talent

Matt has surrounded himself with some of the best people in the world and now shares the knowledge, thank you Matt for making a difference.

Inspiring podcast!!

Great guests filled with nuggets to achieve success in all careers.

Amazing and inspiring

Wonderful podcast full of inspiring and informative ideas. With my husband being self employed, Matt's podcast has given him drive, ambition and a direction down the right path and has encouraged me to find a more meaningful and successful path as well. Each interview is engaging as well as enlightening. Easily giving this podcast 5 stars and look forward to listening.

Great stuff

You can count on top notch content, guest speakers and interviews. See the world through a proven investors eyes. If you have an hour a week- FIT THIS IN- you won't regret it. Great stuff- keep it coming!

KW concierge

Matt is a plethora of knowledge and I'm so excited to see where this takes him. This is right up his ally! I would definitely recommend it to anyone