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Matt’s Millionaire Mindcast has just the right amount of wisdom, expertise, and inspiration. If you are looking for the perfect audio companion to shift your mindset so you can become something greater, this is it! This podcast is is poised to become the best of the best and I’m looking forward to more.


You're guaranteed to appreciate the high energy, innovative and refreshing- organic-spoken words from this guy. His new podcast is something I've been searching for. I follow Matt on a couple of business enterprises and always get something positive out of him....So....I'd recommend you put down your television remote and tune into this podcast!

Great to see a local colleague keep succeeding

I always have been curious to know what is going through the mind of such successful real estate professional like Matt. After I listened him & his interviews I was amazed by the high level mindset & motivation that his podcasts are full of it.

Fantastic Podcast!

I am loving this podcast! I have listened to every episode out so far and they are FIRE! The guests were outstanding and their knowledge and wisdom were so good. Matty A does a great job interviewing and getting as many nuggets as you can in a 45 minute period. I can’t wait for the new episodes to come out!

A must-listen podcast!

This podcast has been a life-saver for me at a time when I was really searching for some inspiration and direction in my life. The ideas shared are uplifting, and motivating. Matt does an amazing job of asking the right questions of his guests to highlight their knowledge and wisdom and get the most value for his listeners. After each episode, I have found myself inspired to continue to seek out more knowledge and work actively to become my best self and achieve my goals. I will definitely be tuning in every week so I don't miss out!

This is awesome!!

I really learned a lot from this podcast. Matt and his guests were awesome and I really learned a lot. This is indeed enlightening. Successful people are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to succeed. Some people say money is evil, but I don't agree. If I manage it well and make good use of it, it'll only make my life better. *NADJILLAH VELASCO-MOD GVA*

A star is rising

Great guests, content and solid delivery. Matty A delivers!

Infectious Personality with a huge drive to succeed and help others do the same.

The quatlityof the interviewee's and theme of Matty A's Millionaire Mindcast is spot on with how to achieve success with a purpose. You will hear for yourself in these first few interviews . I am looking forward to much more from Mr. Aitchison .... Grab Life Big!

Inspiring and thought provoking podcast!

Great podcast with some inspiring and thought provoking guests. I already have gleamed a few nuggets of great information from these. David Osborn changing my mindset with “you are either expanding or contracting”. Listen to these podcasts if you want to grow and take your life to the next level. Thank you Matty A. for putting this out there!

Casual and Professional Done WELL

Matt does an amazing job of navigating conversation while still allowing things to flow naturally. His guests are true legends and so full of invaluable wisdom and knowledge. I'll definitely be tuning in!

Inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting!

Matty A has the ability to relate to the audience in a way that makes him feel like a buddy you grew up with. He’s very down to earth and real. He’s genuine in his interview questions which brings out greatness in his guests. I’ve loved listening to his interviews and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their leadership, think bigger and also wants to take their business and life to the next level. Kudos Matty A!

Loaded with nuggets

Matt A brings a ton of energy and a great mindset to every interview. Having heard him on other podcasts, he has a unique story and has a passion for helping others succeed in life and business.

Real Estate investor

matt is bringing it!!1 the first two guests were out of this world. I have learned how to start my day off the way the most successful people in the world do!!! In the second episode I learned how to set up a system that keeps me form being chained to my desk!!! Can't wait to hear the next one

Five Star Podcast

I am thoroughly enjoying this fresh new podcast. Matty A is killing it with his insight and bringing to light knowledge of these great minds he collaborates with . Truly a great listen!

Launching Inspiration!

Matt Aitchison has launched a podcast with a BRILLIANT cast! As an avid podcast listener, I was awaiting this launch, and I have to say, it clearly exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a daily boost of inspiration or want to get motivated to propel your life to the next level, be sure to subscribe to the Millionaire Mindcast and learn from the Best of the best! I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow with Matty A and his AMAZING team!

Millionaire Mindcast starts off with a bang

Matty A is of to a great start with two blockbuster interviews. This is definitely one to subscribe to.

Great Ideas and Knowledge

The podcast is awesome, I enjoy the knowledge and experience in real estate and entrepreneurship that Matt and his guests are bringing to the table, Looking forward to the upcoming podcasts.

Wow! What amazing content!

Matty is totally crushing it with this podcast. It just came out and it's already given me content that I can use in my day to day activities. I can't wait for more episodes!!! Go download the Hal Elrod episode and be blown away.

The Podcast For A More Abundant & Rich Life

I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Millionaire Mindcast by Matt Aitchison. I loved what he was about and what he was doing the moment I heard him interviewed on another podcast. Just as expected, Matty A doesn't disappoint with TMM podcast. The interviews are spot on. The guests are enthusiastic and present high quality information on how to live the most abundant life possible. The interaction and rapport that Matty A has with the guests create an engaging conversation that is fun and educational. Please do yourself a favor and subscribe to The Millionaire Mindset. This podcast is going to be around for a while and will make you rich if you just listen in and take action on what is taught within the interviews.


So excited to hear from Matty and the different guests! He has so much energy and passion for serving people

Been waiting for a podcast like this!

I love how authentic this podcast is. Matt is great at digging into the mindset of the successful people he interviews to find their unique habits and tricks that have led to their success. Can’t wait for more!

Actionable Inspiration

Matt does a phenomenal job facilitating a conversation that balances a reflection of the featured guest’s individual path to success with a macro-perspective on success generally. I’ve listened to other podcasts that offer insights from successful people, but MM helps me walk away with more than just high-level metaphors. Keep it up Matt.

Great podcast for mindset and tactical wealth building advice

Thoroughly enjoyed the opening episodes to this podcast. The guests are Rockstars and the host does a great job of teasing quality answers from them. My favorite part is that, in a similar way that Gary Vaynerchuk's content does, there is high level mindset and motivation advice coupled with tactical, this is how you do it, tips to complement the mindset stuff. I will definitely be tuning in for more!

Great Content for Building a Wealth Mindset

Matt does a great job interviewing to bring out the strengths of millionaires and express the patterns and behaviors that got them to where they are.

Fresh new show!

Matty A. does a great job getting the best out of his guests. I love how he portrays the concept of a journey for the listener; the idea that learning from the best can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Matty is authentic, approachable, and 'one of us'. I am really looking forward to following this podcast.

Great guests; Great thoughts

I'm excited for this newer podcast because of how well it fits in with my goals, planning, wealth building, and life strategy. I've followed Matt Aitchison in other forums before and learned a ton from him on investing and business building. I'm already pleased by the guests he's been able to get because of their strong background of success based on their mindset. Great podcast to subscribe to and listen regularly.

Great content, inspiring guests

Matt is the real deal who has himself accomplished so much in life and business. This podcast is so rich with value and insight because of all that Matt has learned on his entrepreneurial journey, but also because of the amazing guests he has access to and brings on the show. I can’t wait to hear more of the Millionaire Mindcast- it is definitely a shot in the arm for anyone looking to live a bigger, fuller life and become more profitable in their business.