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Million Dollar Podcast!

Matt is the real game changer. A great guy that believes in a million little things but most important, believes in himself. Keep up the great work. I will be looking forward to all the new valuable content.

Killing it!!!

As always Matt doesnt disappoint. The abundent mindset coupled with rock star guests makes this a must listen for me. Keep up the great work Matt. Love the openness of your conversations and always have some kernels to take with me. Keep up the great work.... Not falling on deaf ears!

LOVE this podcast already!

Great content that really does a fantastic job of both understanding the mindset of millionaires and their strategies too.

Grabbing life Big!

Very excited to learn from Matty's podcasts! I met Matt through 1 life fully lived, he inspired me to take action and that the only thing standing between you and your vision is weather or not you take action!! If you love this be sure to check out his snapchat, where he shares with us his search for investment properties!!!

Loads of information!

Matt has done a great job at getting top-notch guests who deliver a ton of value each podcast. The insights you’ll gain from this podcast are well worth your time. I highly recommend subscribing!

Love the theme and the content

How blessed are we to be able to listen in on the conversation between 2 brilliant minds. Matt is an inspiration on his own. To have him tap into the minds of some of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and let us listen in is such a rich experience. Loved the episode with Hal! Great insights and action items to implement.

Awesome Podcast!!

Great job! Informative and inspirational!


Amazing podcasts! Matt is a true professional with incredible knowledge and skill that gives you a fresh breath of air when listening to his podcasts. He expands your thinking and makes you want to chase your goals.

Refreshing and Relevant

Matty A brings forth an enthusiastic approach In encouraging listeners to be inspired and learn from the success, and failures of others. A refreshing listen for young professionals on their own journey to success. Looking forward to tuning in weekly.


Matt is an amazing, energizing and motivating person! This podcast has valuable content that assists many Realtors in our industry to improve their sales and marketing skills. Keep it coming Matt! FIVE STARS all the way!

One of the best!

I have known Matty A for a while now and am thrilled that he is now sharing his insights with a broader audience as he interviews some of the best! If you want to challenge your thinking and grow to behave like a elite performer, then this is the podcast for you!


I love this podcast! Matt is fantastic. I highly recommend taking a listen!

Matt just nails it

What more can I say? This Podcast nails it. It's applicable to someone that's already successful but simply wants to "up" their game or someone that hasn't quite reached a level of success. If you're serious about growth you subscribe to this and listen over and over to each episode.

Great guests

Matt has some great guests already and more to come, some really high level guys with great insights into abundance and wealth attraction!

Take Your Life/Business to the Next Level!

If you aren’t sure what that means, you definitely need to listen to the podcasts. Especially listen to the one on Abundance and Living a Life on Purpose. We are often so reactive and Matt’s podcasts show us how to be more purposeful not only in business, but in our day to day lives as well! Love love love it!

Very Inspiring

Matt is incredibly positive and inspiring. Listening to his words of encouragement, advice and interviews is so up lifting. If you are aspiring to be a successful entrepreneur this podcast offers great advice.

Best podcast hands down

I stumbled across this podcast and instantly needed more. The quality of guests on this show is second to none. Matt does a great job engaging with the guests to help the listeners gain clarity on what the key contributors to success are. Matt’s podcasts helped me realize that success is more mental and about mindset more so than anything else. I am loving the content and can’t wait for more.

Great podcast

Great listen! I have seen Matt present before, and he is spot on with his content. I subscribed, and will be listening to every show. With guests like Hal Elrod and David Osborne, you would be a fool not to subscribe!

Awesome Awesome Awesome

This podcast is valuable beyond measure. I believe listening to this will be the catalyst to millions of dollars of income.

This is money

I love Matt’s first Podcast with David Osborn. It was a ton super valuable info. Thank you Matty A for doing this and I know this is going to be huge success.

Always learning

Loving the content! Keep them coming please

Millionaires have a mindset

Matty Atchison has a piercing and penetrating way of delving into the mindset and development of a millionaire mindset. He brings clarity and understanding in ways that have previously seemed elusive. He asks the right questions...and explores the answers. I highly recommend anyone, who wants to grow exponentially, to start engaging with Matty and his podcasts.

Congrats on a Great podcast!

Such great information and inspirational ideas and insight into what it takes to step up your game! Subscribe and listen!


this content doesn’t surprise me with Matt. Truly expands your mind and makes you think different and bigger. Great content.

Hard-to-Get Interviews

This has already become one of my new favorite podcasts. Since I started listening to podcasts about three years ago, I can count on one hand the number of them I've actually subscribed to. As soon as I found out about Matty A.'s podcast, I subscribed before the episode I was listening to even finished. Matty interviews people some of us only *wish* we could have the chance to speak with. This podcast is priceless.

If you are looking for success

There are a lot of podcasts out there to choose from, but Millionaire Mindcast with Matt Aitchison is one of the best I’ve listened to! If you want to learn from one of the best Entrepreneurial Minds in the country this Podcast won’t disappoint!

Matty's growing my Millionaire Mind!

Who doesn’t want to up level their thinking & their income? That’s what Matty A is all about! (Plus being a fun, authentically caring person… I had the pleasure of meeting him at a conference last year and he’s a TOP NOTCH guy!) Excited to be tuning into his show here and unleveling my money & mindset!

Great podcast for investors!

Highly recommend listening to this podcast!

Great person, great podcast!

The is the first podcast I've reviewed because I am picky as to who I endorse. I've gotten to spend time with Matt and he is the real deal. I highly recommend his podcast to anyone looking to grow or improve.

Great info

Anytime you have a chance to hear from Matt, or anyone he associates with in business is a great day. Tons of insight, tips, market knowledge, and how to amp up your business. Worth the time - you owe it to yourself to listen. You won’t be disappointed.