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Great Podcast

I have enjoyed every episode I have listened to so far. I love Matt’s attitude around wealth, health, family, etc. Definitely recommended.

Great information

I recently found the podcast and have enjoyed every episode so far. Matt covers a number of topics and I feel that my knowledge is being broadened each episode. Thank you and keep it up.

Getting right to the nitty gritty

I appreciate real talk...and this podcast has it! Matt gets straight to the point with incredible content. I found him circulating on Instagram and was immediately drawn to the real-ness that he exudes. Straight up gangsta with no holding back! Since finding his podcast, I’ve listened to at least a dozen of these episodes and it’s my new go to show at this time... From crypto investing to real estate (which is what I do full time) to gold and money mindset, everything is here! Definitely give it a listen! Wealth, health, and money mindset are a must in today’s time and this is one of the best podcasts on these topics!

Great Podcast, awesome Guests

I’ve learned so much from Matty A. and his guests. I’m not really into the Real Estate business, but just listening to this Podcast I’ve been really intrigued and gave me really good insights of it, even for my own non-real estate business! The guests knowledge keep me inspired to not giving up on my entrepreneurial career! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Matty A and guests! @abrahamhernandezfit

Great podcast, great host!

This guy is the real deal. I actually met him in real life. He practices what he preaches and has the receipts to prove it.

Value Add

Matty A is a rock star! This podcast is upbeat and informative. From market analysis to guest even his own personal deal. So much value in every episode. My new daily driver.

One of the best podcast out there

One of the best podcast out there. I have learned so much and Matt brings so much value. If you are not subscribed you are missing out. 5/5 awesome podcast!

Pure Value

I highly reccomend this podcast to anyone looking to up their game in the real estate and general investment realms. Matty A. is truly a special individual dedicated to putting high quality content and energy out for others to absorb.

Go to

Stumbled upon this podcast a few weeks ago and have been listening to it as much as possible. Love his mindset on all things wealth.


This show is full of value within every episode. The variety of guests mixed with WBW and the Friday food for thought keeps the information and ideas fresh and current while bringing constant valuable information. I have been following Matt for a while and I see the consistency and intensity that he brings to have us get a ton of value and it seems like it has just gotten better and better even though it was always great!

Best Podcast For Investors At All Levels!!

Can’t go wrong with this podcast! No matter where you are in your level of investing the knowledge and insight you can game from tuning in here is unmatched!!! Invaluable lessons to be learned!!

A true mentor

Matty A is one of a small group of guys that I look up to and strive to be like. Even if it’s from a distance, this guy is a true mentor. This podcast is a compilation of all the best tips and tactics to help people win in all areas of their life!

What a show

This is a fantastic podcast. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy to lead to a wealthy life. I actually took Ryan up on his offer for a free financial x-ray and he is so financially intelligent and brought a ton of value to our conversation. In the end, I brought him on as my fiduciary advisor. He will not sell you anything aside from facts and information to help you build your wealth. Keep up the great work guys!

Inspirational & Actionable

LOVE this podcast. So often podcasts that are informational lack the tactile advise of an expert. The host delivers knowledge and expertise and it’s obvious he walks the walk. Highly recommend to new investors as well as high level investors and anywhere in between.

Awesome podcast!

Great host with awesome content! You really learn something in every episode. Looking forward to listening to more!

Great podcast for growth!

Great podcast for personal growth and motivation! Thank you Matt for all the knowledge you share, it’s impacted me to be better! -Edgar Hernandez

Valuable Content 10/10 times

There’s not one episode you’re skipping thru. You go back & listen to them twice, three times and maybe even more. Thank you!

Loyal Listener

I have been listening to Millionaire Mindcast for several years now and every time I have learned valuable insights that have helped me to chase after my own goals. They say to always learn from those who have gone before you and are successful in what they do and that’s exactly what you will be getting from Matt and his wealth of knowledge. You will be constantly learning and growing.

The best money podcast!!

Very valuable and unbiased content. I listen to every episode, and apply a lot of what they say to my career. For a young investors like me, I def recommend this podcast. Much love!!

Favorite Podcast

Millionaire Mindcast has found a way to combine all of my favorite subjects into ONE podcast. Most episodes relate to self-improvement, finance, politics and real estate, all of which are crucial to become an all-around successful person...in my opinion. Both hosts are extremely down to earth and go out of their way to respond to comments and questions, which is very rare. Every episode is relatable and I have found a reason to share each episode with my friends and family. All in all, if you are on the path to success and you are not a subscriber to this podcast, then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Put this podcast in your toolbox

Great dynamic between Matty A and Mr.Breedwell. We need more people like these guys. Very level headed with great commentary on current events/politics and spot on speculation where markets are headed. The guests they have on are great too. Must listen if you want to accumulate wealth and be successful with managing your business, life, and goal setting.

Love this podcast

Been listening for a couple weeks now & I love it especially when we talk about the mindset necessary to acquire wealth!

One of the best Podcast out there

Matty’s podcast is amazing. Investing is important, but even more important is the mindset behind it. He take the time to cover topics that will make you a better person overall. Highly recommend it!

Great all around financial knowledge

Love the commentary but still able to keep it very informative to stay up to date on latest trends... 10/10 would recommend

Great Podcast For All Things Money and Mindset

The Millionaire Mindcast podcast explores a broad range of topics on money and mindset. Matt hosts a five star group of guests proficient on every topic related to upleveling your mindset and your financial position. Its a must subscribe!

Follow someone who’s actually doing it

Matt’s podcast is an insight into the world a growing real estate investor who levels up fast. I found him a few years ago while running a real estate team, then onto flipping, and now small hotel/hospitality projects and syndications...it’s an inspiring roadmap for the aspiring real estate professional, if you don’t want to be an agent for the rest of your life.

Simply brilliant

Outstanding guests that openly share the good the bad and the ugly of the journey to rise up, grow and get to a million and beyond.

Much love to Matty

The Millionaire Mindcast podcast is required listening if you want to succeed professionally. If you have a go-getter mentality and want to level up in life, I recommend this podcast. Much love to Matty A. Keep up the great work!

If you’re looking to level up, it’s a must listen.

I learn so much from this podcast! From real estate info and insight, to having a powerful mindset across all facets of life, it’s talked about- raw, real, no bs. Plus, Matt A is just a solid dude overall! 💯


Millionaire Mindcast is a truly well planned and insightful dialogue about not only financial growth but personal growth as a whole. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast and will continue listening!