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Awesome Show!

Great content!

full of wisdom

This show is chalk full of insights and provides top notch investing education from professionals from all sides of the industry. One of my go-to shows for learning from the best of the best in real estate. A must listen.

One of my Weekly Staples

I love this show. One of the my weekly podcast staples. Super good guidance on all things business and wealth generation and entertaining as well.


This show is the best! Easily one of the best most accurate and honest money-centric podcasts out there.

Great show!

Really enjoy this one and the updates on the markets in real time. Always interesting topics!

Great show!

Matt does an awesome job getting the best stories and advice from his guests.

Approachable and practical

Millionaire Mindcast delivers actionable advice that is approachable from entrepreneurs both burgeoning as well as established.

Very good

Some years follow you like that info

Life changing

This podcast is incrementally changing my life each week. It’s like Matt is my personal coach. I am so grateful for his mentorship and value.

Bringing content and value all in one place that you can’t get elsewhere

Matty does a phenomenal job of bringing in a variety of content and guest that add a tremendous value to my life as an entrepreneur and family man.

Top 3 weekly favorites

These guys mix a perfect balance of fact, perspective and opinion. This should be in everybody’s top financial/investment podcasts

Become a millionaire in every area of your life

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Matty’s show. Great energy and solid questions were asked. Love his philosophy of being a millionaire in ALL areas of life—not just the financial side. I enjoyed listening to his interview with Dean Graziosi. Top notch!

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is an amazing podcast. You will gain not only practical ideas but also insights into how to have the mindset of a millionaire. Also what I love about this podcast is the fact that Matt talks about how important it is to be a millionaire in areas of life. Keep up the great work, Matt!

Great Host that gets to Heart of the Topic

Had the pleasure of being a guest of the show and I absolutely loved visiting with Matt. He is sharp and knows how to ask great questions to really extract the key lessons for the listener. Truly a professional at putting together a great show that is super valuable for those looking to learn more on all things success and investing.

Great Market Updates

Listen to this every week and get value every time! Truly changing my relationship with money, only up from here 💰

The Best Financial Podcast

After listening to many different financial podcasts over the years, this podcast is the only podcast I never miss every week. The value that Matt and Ryan provide on Wealth Building Wednesday is top notch. Both of their personalities compliment each other perfectly and their combination of expertise in both investing in real estate and the markets is unique and exciting. Their consistent confidence and positive mindset is inspiring and supports their listeners in achieving financial independence. It is relieving to hear their level headed perspective on the latest news headlines and economic developments. Highly Recommended.

Growth of educated minds

Thank you for your content and truth bros!!

Enjoyable Podcast!

Enjoy all aspects of the information presented here! Thank you Matty A for a wealth of information!

It’s all about mindset

This is a great podcast. Practical ideas on what to do but also deep insights into having the millionaire mindset. Well done. John mitchell

The information is helpful, inspiring and motivating!

Thank you for giving your tips to the general public, as someone who invested my last decade into the medical field I am so grateful for your advice for free and love to listen every week!

Great Podcast!

Very informational in all aspects. Definitely a great podcast for anyone looking to progress in there investing and entrepreneurial career. Definitely going to pass this podcast along!

Great Content!

Matt covers a wide range of topics in a highly engaging way, making his podcast both entertaining and informative!

Top 3

MattyA is so relatable. Over the last few months this podcast quickly rose to my top three must listens. Joe Rogan then Millionaire Mindset and Capital Hacking. My three go-tos. I'm always more energized and focused on my goals after listening.

Great Listen, Life Improvement

Overall a great listen. There is definitely opinion on different views politically, socially, economically, but that is expected and is something you go about looking for when listening to pods. Great host and guests talking about many topics including lifestyle, investing, finance, and how to go about achieving their definition of greatness. Definitely a recommended listen.

The Real Deal

Matt is amazing and has such great energy. This podcast is perfect for anyone wanting to feel empowered when it comes to wealth. I appreciate how much thought you put into each episode. Thank you!

Best of the best!

If you want to elevate your personal ceiling tune in. Matty A is not just about the money but a whole life millionaire.

Timely and relevant conversations

Conversations are timely and relevant. Presenting the facts so listeners can make more informed decisions.


Simply stated, the best all around podcast I’ve ever listened to. Matt and Ryan bring a fresh and logical outlook on topics from business, real estate, stock market, daily news, social issues and more. Their discussions are researched and fact based and they know their stuff. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, the guests are world class! A show about real life with hosts that are obviously passionate about making others the best version of themselves. I feel like these guys are my buddies and the only way you won’t better yourself or your situation is by not being willing to apply what you learn!

The knowledge BOMBS!!

Not sure what rock I have been but man... this podcast is fire. The information provided here is for sure life changing. One quote that will be stuck in my head "Being Dumb enough to Believe in myself and Smart enough to take Action."

A Must Listen To Podcast

I cannot say enough about the quality of this podcast. The depth and organic nature of each interview is amazing! I have gained so much value and learn so much in the market updates with Matt and Ryan.