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Oct. 17, 2022

October 17, 2022 | Matt's Weekly Text Letter

What I’m Reading 


100M Offers - Being that I'm working on some exciting projects that revolve around new product offerings, I’ve been loving the value Alex Hormozi offers in this book where he shows you “how to make offers so good people will feel stupid saying no.” Specifically, he talks about the Grand Slam Offer – “an offer you present to the marketplace that cannot be compared to any other product or service available, combining an attractive promotion, an unmatchable value proposition, a premium price, and an unbeatable guarantee with a money model (payment terms) that allows you to get paid to get new customers . . . forever removing the cash constraint on business growth”. This has been one of the best tactical marketing books I’ve read in some time, so if you offer a product or service and want to increase your sales, this is a must-read. Stay tuned for some new Grand Slam Offers I’ll be rolling out in 2023. 


Wisdom of the Week


The other day I was talking with a very successful business entrepreneur who has a net worth over 150m dollars. I asked him what was the best advice given to him around building wealth that had allowed him to reach this level of success. He responded, “I got rich by staying concentrated and I stayed rich by diversifying as time went on”. He went on to expand his story by sharing how he surpassed all his peers by staying focused in one core area, and as time went on his effort, experience, and company growth compounded because he didn’t get distracted and jump around like most of his peers. He remained consistent and disciplined in his area of expertise and as his income and wealth grew, he began to look outside his core focus to diversify his growth and hedge some of his risk along the way. Words from the wise: Don’t diversify your energy, efforts, or income too early in the process. 


Question of the Week


Question: What is something that people are shocked to learn about you that not everyone knows? - Justin (Red Bluff, CA)


Answer: I’ve shared this in presentations and talks I've given in the past, but most people are shocked to find out I was expelled from High School. I got into a fight the first week of my senior year which led to my expulsion and some very tough learning lessons. That said, it was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. It taught me accountability for my actions, and led me to my first personal development conference, which completely set my life on a completely different path going forward. In hindsight, it was my first learning lesson around how your biggest failures can often lead to your greatest breakthroughs.


Pic of the Week

Marie and I had a blast at the Breedwell Halloween party. When he’s not dropping wisdom bombs on our Wednesday Money Moves episode of the podcast, Ryan knows how to host a damn good party too. I figured since one of my 2023 themes will be “To The Moon” with everything I focus on, might as well dress the part to 😜


Something I’m Excited About:


If you want to experience Napa Valley unlike ever before and set up your 2023 with massive momentum, this event is a must-attend! We’ve locked down our dates for the next Wealth x Wine x Dine event in Napa Valley on Saturday, December 10th. The last event was such a hit and we had so much demand, we decided to squeeze one more in and close out 2022 with a bang. If you love wine tasting, world-class food, want to elevate your network, and create a clear plan for crushing your 2023, text EVENTS to 844.447.1555 to get on the list.  We sold out the last event in less than 30 minutes so don’t wait. We’ll be sending out applications soon.


Onward and upward, 


Matty A