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Nov. 8, 2022

November 8, 2022 | Matt's Weekly Text Letter

What I’m Reading 


Compound Effect - To this day, this is still one of my favorite books around the power of discipline and consistency over an extended period of time. Whether you’re compounding the right habits and disciplines or the wrong ones, the law will continue working for or against you whether you like it or not. One of my favorite quotes in the book…”Success is doing a half dozen things really well, repeated five thousand times”. This book serves as a great reminder that no matter what it is you desire to succeed in, repetition around the right things is the key to unlocking it. The key things I’m focused on compounding: 1. Reading daily 2. Quality time and a fun activity with my kids daily 3. Writing something of value daily 4. Eating/drinking something green daily 5. 30 min of daily movement 6. A gratitude text or kind gesture towards another person. What books are you enjoying right now? Share down below 


Wisdom of the Week


A wise man once said, if you’re angry its because you’re living in the past, and if you’re fearful it’s because you’re living in the future. But if you’re at peace, that’s when you’re living in the present!


Question of the Week


Question: Who is your favorite influencer you follow and why? (Zach - Pensacola, FL)


Answer: I adopted this strategy awhile back from an early podcast inspiration, Pat Flynn of the Passive Income Podcast. When he was talking about who he likes to follow and learn from, he noted that he narrows his focus of attention around one or two influencers, companies, or communities that specialize in the area or niche he’s trying to elevate himself in. So instead of following too many people and getting information overload, he’ll narrow it down to one or two experts. With that said, I’m currently focused on the hospitality industry (F&B and Hotels) and one of my favorite influencers in the space is Dave Grutman. He’s become the king of Miami hospitality and pretty much every celebrity and tourist that frequents the city wants to stop at his restaurants, clubs, or hotels for the one of a kind experiences he’s created. Who do you like following? Drop your favorite Influencer below


Pic of the Week


We’re enjoying our family vacation at Disneyworld in Florida. The smiles, laughter, and joy that we’ve experienced this week is worth every ounce of sacrifice, stress, and struggle that comes along with being an entrepreneur. 


Something I’m Paying Attention To:


On Thursday inflation data will come out and let us know whether it’s still running hot or cooling down. Depending on the results, we may see further drops in the stock market and hints of additional interest rate increases going further into 2023 than expected which could continue to impact real estate prices in a big way. With layoffs and hiring freezes at larger companies becoming more common, things could forecast a deeper recession than some might think. What does that mean for you? Opportunity! While fear is rampant, opportunities will surface. Get ready

Onward and upward, 


Matty A