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Jan. 24, 2023

January 24th, 2022 | Matt's Weekly Text Letter

Hi, I’m Matty A, host of Millionaire Mindcast, and in this weeks Millionaire Notes , you are going to discover the things that’ve been fueling my whole life millionaire lifestyle. Ready? Let’s dive in!


Read of the Week:


Without Reservations by J.W Marriott Jr - Part biography, part business digest, Without Reservations is an awesome book that details out the journey and lessons of one of worlds best hospitality companies, Marriott Hotels.. Without Reservations is a compilation of engaging stories, lessons, and advice that showcase what it takes to achieve the pinnacle of success in any industry. Whether you’re in hospitality or not, we’re all in the business of sales and customer service, and this book doesn’t disappoint with timeless wisdom anyone can apply on their journey to unlocking real success and wealth. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Wisdom of the Week


An early mentor told me, if you can get someone to like you, your opportunities in life and business are endless. As I’ve studied people over the years, I came up with the Likeability Formula. The Likeability Factor: Confidence + Humility + Hard Work = Likability. Watch this 90 second video on how you can be more likable and elevate your success


Question of the Week


Question: I am currently looking to level up as a leader and manager for my team. What tips do you have for people running teams that could build more trust and enhance productivity - Ryan Quintero (CA)


Answer: At the foundation of every great team is trust. Trust is generally built through shared experiences, overcoming challenges, and enhancing people's skills, confidence, and ability to communicate. Running a weekly huddle is a great way to keep a consistent rhythm around tracking goals, individual and team performance, and working through any issues or opportunities that may arise on a weekly basis. This one simple meeting can make or break a team, so finding a good framework that creates group accountability around the important measurables, while creating a space for consistent coaching and feedback is key. 


BONUS TIP: I’m a big believer in giving praise and lifting people up. Strong leaders are great at finding ways to give praise. Here are 3 types of praise:

  • Private - Giving 1 on 1 praise to an individual 
  • Public - Giving praise to an individual in front of their peers or a group of people
  • Behind their back - Giving praise about someone to others

What you focus on expands, so spotlighting areas of positive feedback and praising people on your team, whether its directly to them or to a teammate is a great way to build trust, inspire improvement, and enhance team culture.


Pic of the Week


One of the beauties of owning hotels in Lake Tahoe and being in the world of hospitality is you can conduct a “business meeting” and mastermind in some of the coolest locations and use it as a write off. This week I hit the slopes of the beautiful Heavenly Resort while I checked off 2 business meetings and masterminds with a winery and consulting business. We enjoyed great food, adventure, and business strategy sessions before wrapping up the day at one of my hotels. Not a bad “board meeting” 🏂 😂 If you want clarity on how to scale your business and want a 1 on 1 day with me, Apply Here. Only 5 spots will be available for 2023!


Something I’m Enjoying Using: 


Platinum Express Business Card - American Express hands down has the best business and personal credit cards out there due to their rewards points, travel perks, and affiliate partnerships. When I travel, getting unlimited free food, alcoholic, and access to their business lounges always make time in an airport more comfortable, cost effective, and productive. But even better, their points and rewards that convert into cash or free travel are as good as they get. I refer 5-10 people a year to Amex Credit Cards (who will actually get value by having it) using this link and when they sign up and hit the spending limit, I get referral points that I generally use on flights, hotels, or the occasional Amazon purchase. If you don’t have an Amex card and are already spending 3-5k/month, it’s definitely worth checking out, especially with the bonuses they’re currently offering. And if you refer others, you’ll get some extra benefits on top of what you’ll already receive. Win win all around! Click here to claim your 120,000 point bonus!


By the way, I just launched the Tour Tahoe day of 1 to 1 masterminding with yours truly? Yep, it’s true. This experience is your chance to explore the stunning natural beauty of Lake Tahoe while receiving personalized business consulting and investing advice, in addition to enjoying world-class dining and finishing the day for an overnight stay at one of my hotels. Apply here!

Onward and upward, 


Matty A