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Jan. 11, 2023

January 11th, 2023 | Matt's Weekly Text Letter

Read of the Week:


The Unhiding Of Elijah Campbell - This was a book given to me by a good friend in my Gobundance mastermind. I'm not a big fictional or novela guy, but a handful of masculine dudes I respect said this book made them cry, so I guess I had to pick it up and see what the heck this story was all about. When the main character's wife leaves him, and with unmet deadlines and debts looming, the cracks begin to appear in Elijah’s life. He is forced to take a hard look at his inability to be honest and vulnerable with those closest to him, a common struggle I think many can consciously or subconsciously relate to. So far, so good!

Wisdom of the Week


When facing difficult circumstances, you have to believe in those circumstances. You have to believe they will make you stronger and when those demons are coming at you and attacking you from all directions, and you feel like you can’t handle them, you have to commit and make a decision to invest in creating someone who can!

Question of the Week


Question: What are the top recession proof real estate asset classes you would consider or are investing in  - Jason Riley (Chicago, IL)


Answer: Check out this 90 second video that details out my answer on the top 5 real estate asset classes I think are the most recession proof. 2 of the 5 Im currently already invested in. Which one is your favorite on the list? 

Pic of the Week


With record rain and snowfall in Northern California, the mountains and properties throughout Lake Tahoe have been painted white. While the snowfall is great for the hotel business and brings about the snowbirds looking to enjoy the slopes, it’s also a major pain in the ass when it comes to wear and tear and snow plowing your properties. Aside from the logistical and physical headaches it can bring, it sure does look pretty. If you’re in Lake Tahoe this year and want to stay with us here at Playpark Lodge, get a 10% discount by booking directly on our website.


Something I’m Enjoying Using: 


The Wim Hoff App -  Recently, I set up a cold plunge at my house and have added this into my daily health routine after my 20 minute sauna. After years of following Wim Hoff online and hearing him talk all about the benefits of cold therapy and breath work, I decided to download his app and commit to some of his challenges and teaching. Its a very functional and easy app to use and has a ton of great content on it. It does have a paid upsell version but there’s still a ton of value to be had in the free version as well. 


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Onward and upward, 


Matty A