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Feb. 2, 2023

February 2nd, 2023 | Matt's Weekly Text Letter

Hi, I’m Matty A, host of Millionaire Mindcast, and in this weeks Millionaire Notes , you are going to discover the things that’ve been fueling my whole life millionaire lifestyle. Ready? Let’s dive in!


Read of the Week:


The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandimo - This is always a fun, old school read that still applies to anyone today looking to unlock success in their life. The book tells the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who rises to become the greatest salesman in the world through following a set of ancient scrolls passed down to him. The scrolls contain ten principles for success and happiness, including persistence, visualization, and gratitude, among many others that apply to anyone looking to level up their life or business. The book is a combination of motivational and spiritual teachings, aimed at inspiring readers to improve their lives and achieve their goals. The message of the book is that anyone can become successful if they apply the principles outlined in the scrolls. Definitely a worthwhile book


Wisdom of the Week


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." This statement by Winston Churchill highlights the importance of perseverance and determination in the face of challenges and obstacles. It reminds us that success is not a destination, but a journey, and that failures and setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow. By embracing a growth mindset and continuing to strive towards our goals, even in the face of adversity, we can achieve great things and lead a fulfilling life.


Question of the Week


Question: I am struggling with budgeting and deciding which strategy I should use. What is your budgeting strategy? - Ashley Castro (NV)


Answer: The best budgeting strategy to use depends on personal preference, your financial situation, and what goals your working towards. However, a popular and effective budgeting method I used early on in my financial freedom journey was the 50/30/20 rule, which involves dividing your income into three parts: 50% for necessities (food, housing, recurring bills), 30% for wants (travel, shopping, dining out), and 20% for savings or debt repayment (investments, emergency fund, etc). This method allows for flexibility in spending while also prioritizing savings and avoiding overspending. Another strategy is the envelope system, where cash is allocated for specific expenses and physically placed in labeled envelopes, only to be used for that designated category. Both methods allow for better control of finances and can help individuals achieve their financial goals. All this being said, the best budgeting strategy is the one you’re going to USE. The more you engage with your finances, the more aware you will be of the strong points and areas of weaknesses, which in turn will empower you to elevate your money management and financial literacy skills which is the most beneficial outcome of having a budget!


Pic of the Week

This past week I attended the Gobundance annual winter mastermind event. If you’re not familiar with Gobundance, its a high net worth mastermind group for individuals seeking to reach their full potential in life as a whole, not just financially. With a focus on elevating your business success, expanding wealth creation, building meaningful relationships and enjoying bucket list adventures, Gobundance has been the biggest catalyst for my personal and professional growth over the last decade. I was honored with an opportunity to lead the tribe during this breakout session which was a highlight of the event for me as I love being in service to others. Iff you are ready to level up and maximize your life experiences, while also growing your bank account and network, you should definitely come to an event and check out joining this amazing community.


Something I’m Enjoying Using: 


Chat GPT - I have been obsessed with Chat GPT and AI recently. The velocity at which this platform is growing is insane and its no surprise that its outpacing Instagram with 10 million daily active users in just 40 days (fastest in history). The reason is, the amount of VALUE this tool creates for its users is exponential. Whether its content creation, automation, systems building, or one of the many other massively valuable outcomes it can provide to any user, this platform is truly going to change the world as we know it. I recently recorded this podcast episode Chat GPT: The Secret Weapon For Building Wealth and Making You Millions. This will break it all down for you on why you should use it, how its being used, the risks that come along with using it, and how it can make you wealthy moving forward. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts!


By the way, I just launched the Tour Tahoe day of 1 to 1 masterminding with yours truly. This past week I hit the slopes of the beautiful Squaw Valley Palisades with two insanely successful business owners. 

We enjoyed great food, getting some fresh turns in on the mountain, and discussed real estate investing, tax strategy, scaling teams, maximizing revenue, and building a business for sale. More importantly, I was inspired by the conversations and intentions are being better husbands, fathers, and leaders within our communities. These conversations were priceless and I'm grateful to have shared the day with these men! Ready for your 1 on 1 day with me, Apply Here. Limited spots will be available for 2023!

Onward and upward, 


Matty A